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Crafts for plumbing Višić-tim

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Bank account (Societe Generali) Split bank
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Crafts for plumbing VISIC-TIM

Welcome to craft a plumbing VISIC TEAM !


We hope that you will find on our site the information you need , because we are here for you!


About us


Mr. Mirko Visic , owner of the craft , carrier business and permanent expert witness for the plumbing is already in the early nineties stepped into the world of entrepreneurship . He founded the craft which operates in the field of plumbing , or the area in which he has so far work of the acquired knowledge and experience . From then until now, by the acceptance of new technologies , continuous learning and improvement to the owners and employees , turnover continues to grow in the market . After more than twenty years of work and individual work in this area with Mirko and Crafts for vodoinstlacije VISIC TIM binds to a large number of high quality references that you can see on our website .


Why choose us ?


Behind crafts for plumbing VISIC TIM an experienced and professional team of employees for which there is no obstacle in all kinds of installation of water and sewer .


Rapid intervention and clever features that adorn this well-established team of people .


With constant improvement we monitor market trends so that we can fulfill your every desire . We offer our clients a sense of security because all approach thoughtfully and seriously , and we believe that these are the characteristics that make us the right choice for you .



4.3.2014. 19:48:49

Using architectural 3d visualization can display your project and before you even started to build. Buyer certainly easier may picture it buys watching photo-realistic view of the building or apartment but to offer him a draft in which the layman usually harder to cope.   3D visualization of exteriors, interiors and 2D layout   Show your customers how your project will truly look like before will be built. What is the quality 3d exterior visual...

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