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Crafts for plumbing Višić-tim

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Crafts for plumbing VISIC-TIM

Welcome to craft a plumbing VISIC TEAM !


We hope that you will find on our site the information you need , because we are here for you!


About us


Mr. Mirko Visic , owner of the craft , carrier business and permanent expert witness for the plumbing is already in the early nineties stepped into the world of entrepreneurship . He founded the craft which operates in the field of plumbing , or the area in which he has so far work of the acquired knowledge and experience . From then until now, by the acceptance of new technologies , continuous learning and improvement to the owners and employees , turnover continues to grow in the market . After more than twenty years of work and individual work in this area with Mirko and Crafts for vodoinstlacije VISIC TIM binds to a large number of high quality references that you can see on our website .


Why choose us ?


Behind crafts for plumbing VISIC TIM an experienced and professional team of employees for which there is no obstacle in all kinds of installation of water and sewer .


Rapid intervention and clever features that adorn this well-established team of people .


With constant improvement we monitor market trends so that we can fulfill your every desire . We offer our clients a sense of security because all approach thoughtfully and seriously , and we believe that these are the characteristics that make us the right choice for you .